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4/8/2013 Mega Promotions Tour
4/8/2013 MTX Event Production
4/8/2013 Toughest Monster Trucks
4/8/2013 RC MTRA
4/8/2013 Monster Nation
4/8/2013 After Shock & Krazy Trai..
3/14/2011 Freedom Force
3/14/2011 AirDog
3/14/2011 Barbarian
3/5/2011 Martial Law
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Monster Spectacular
Hits: 4,753Added: 12/31/2007website
Monster Spectacular; bringing you the best in motorsports entertainment since 1987.
Mopar Magic
Hits: 2,689Added: 2/27/2011website

Hits: 17,354Added: 6/1/1999website
Andy Hoffman's Nitemare monster truck.
Hits: 10,474Added: 3/4/2002website
Obesssion started touring the show circuits in the western states in 1997. The new truck debuted on January 17, 1998 at the Los Angeles Coliseum.
Hits: 2,683Added: 2/27/2011website
Also home to Tropical Thunder.
Hits: 13,024Added: 12/14/2001website
This site is home to several monster trucks, including one with a jet engine.
Predator & Prowler
Hits: 20,891Added: 11/3/2000website
Allen Pezo's cat-like monster trucks Predator and Prowler.
Randy Brown Motorsports
Hits: 3,030Added: 2/27/2011website

Ruff Time
Hits: 9,102Added: 1/13/2001website
One of Europe's newest monster trucks.
Sampson & Tropical Thunder
Hits: 11,994Added: 7/2/2001website
Home page for Australia's Sampson and Tropical Thunder monster trucks.

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