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4/8/2013 Mega Promotions Tour
4/8/2013 MTX Event Production
4/8/2013 Toughest Monster Trucks
4/8/2013 RC MTRA
4/8/2013 Monster Nation
4/8/2013 After Shock & Krazy Trai..
3/14/2011 Freedom Force
3/14/2011 AirDog
3/14/2011 Barbarian
3/5/2011 Martial Law
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Top 25 Sites
GunSlingerMonster Trucks
Rank: 1Hits: 128,335Added: 6/10/2001website
Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock, GunSlinger's Official Homepage will give you all of the pictures and information you need to get up close and personal with Scott Hartsock's Florida based monster truck.
BigfootMonster Trucks
Rank: 2Hits: 126,224Added: 6/1/1999website
Bigfoot is easily the most well known monster truck in history. With a fleet of 16 trucks, Bigfoot is also home to the ProMT and lots more.
Grave DiggerMonster Trucks
Rank: 3Hits: 120,450Added: 6/1/1999facebookwebsite
Known by the glowing red headlights, Dennis Anderson and the Grave Digger have been thrilling fans for over 20 years.
Monster ManiaWebzines
Rank: 4Hits: 83,941Added: 6/1/1999website
Over 7500+ Pictures, 100+ Wallpaper Images, 10+ Monster Truck Madness 2 Add-on Trucks, and much, much more!
Big DawgMonster Trucks
Rank: 5Hits: 60,725Added: 7/25/2000website
Doug Noelke and the Big Dawg are one of the leading up-and-coming monster trucks out there. His great looking Ford SuperDuty is one truck to look out for.
Avenger RacingMonster Trucks
Rank: 6Hits: 55,297Added: 3/24/2003website
Jim Koehler's big green Chevy S-10/1957 Chevy bodied monster truck from Michigan. Avenger is also the 2003 World Freestyle Champion.
Jurassic AttackMonster Trucks
Rank: 7Hits: 52,420Added: 6/1/1999website
Jurassic Attack might just be the most unique 3D bodied Monster Truck ever. Drop by the Official Jurassic Attack Homepage for pictures and information on Don Frankish's Jurassic Attack Monster Truck along with his Maniac and Young Gun trucks.
Dennis Taft's Monster Truck Photo GalleryFan Sites
Rank: 8Hits: 51,137Added: 10/3/1999website

Bad News Travels FastMonster Trucks
Rank: 9Hits: 48,918Added: 7/31/1999facebookwebsite
Bruce and Jami Haney's Bad News Travels Fast monster truck recently got a new paint job and has never looked better.
Bulletproof Racing HobbysR/C Trucks
Rank: 10Hits: 39,984Added: 2/8/2002website

Rank: 11Hits: 38,213Added: 6/1/1999website
MonsterTrucks.net has the most complete and up-to-date listing of Monster Truck related web sites, live events and TV shows. MonsterTrucks.net is also the only place to see, at a glance, what's happening on all of your favorite web sites.
MegasaurusStunts & Robots
Rank: 12Hits: 36,011Added: 6/1/1999website

MudDrag.comMud Racing
Rank: 13Hits: 34,985Added: 2/5/2002website

Bandit Mud RacingMud Racing
Rank: 14Hits: 33,063Added: 2/19/2003website

Brian CarsonStunts & Robots
Rank: 15Hits: 30,641Added: 1/25/2003website

Bounty Hunter & Scarlet BanditMonster Trucks
Rank: 16Hits: 28,712Added: 7/8/2002website
Bounty Hunter and Scarlet Bandit are owned and driven by the husband and wife team of Jimmy and Dawn Creten.
Black StallionMonster Trucks
Rank: 17Hits: 28,578Added: 4/22/2000website
The year 2002 marks 20 years for Mike Vaters and the Black Stallion in monster truck racing and performance. Mike the "wild child" is well known in the monster truck world for always putting on a great show for the fans.
Australian Mud Racing AssociationMud Racing
Rank: 18Hits: 28,034Added: 8/2/2003website

RobosaurusStunts & Robots
Rank: 19Hits: 25,316Added: 6/1/1999website

Blown ThunderMonster Trucks
Rank: 20Hits: 24,590Added: 6/1/1999website
Doug Cole's Blown Thunder Chevrolet monster truck.
MadusaMonster Trucks
Rank: 21Hits: 24,143Added: 1/3/2002website
Former wrestler turned monster truck driver Madusa's Madusa monster truck.
Bigfoot EuropeMonster Trucks
Rank: 22Hits: 22,319Added: 7/6/2002website
Bigfoot 17, is operated by Nigel Morris, is the only Bigfoot truck with a full time home in Europe.
King KrunchMonster Trucks
Rank: 23Hits: 22,086Added: 6/1/1999website
King Krunch is one of the most well known monster trucks from Texas.
TransaurusStunts & Robots
Rank: 24Hits: 22,078Added: 11/15/1999website

Jackyard Mud RacingMud Racing
Rank: 25Hits: 22,011Added: 1/19/2003website

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